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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

getting my groove back

hi everyone! just checking in quickly to say hi. i had a great day yesterday. hit the elliptical for 35 mins on an incline, it was tough but it felt great! i stayed OP and got all my water in too! :) i plan on going back to the "nice gym" today afterwork. there are 5 buildings on my work's campus and there is a small gym in my building which i go to during the day. the other gym is about a block away in another building. it's a lot nicer, they have pretty much every machine and better ellipticals. i think i needed a change of pace/scenery as far as my workouts go. so this is a nice change. i packed some magazines, my ipod and i'm ready to hit it up after work :)

didn't weigh myself this morning, which was probably a good thing.

product find: fuze slenderize

i had the strawberry melon and the cranberry raspberry. yummy, huge and only 10 calories :) i would definitely recommend this.

hope you're doing well and finding some motivation like i am. :)


katieo said...

10 calories?
On my list.

CaRoLyN said...

I wish we had all of these great products in Canada! It's so not fair, I have to make a trip down to Maine soon to stock up on all my low cal favs.
Hope you liked the new gym!!

CaRoLyN said...

My next goal is to hit 145. Right now I am weighing in around 152 or 153. I have been doing good except on the weekends! They are so damn hard! I have a big weekend coming up this weekend and I know I'm going to splurge BUT my goal for this weekend is to get back on track on Sunday morning, first thing. Saturday will be my cheat day (since it is our anniversary) but Sunday morning, it's back to my meal plan!! I can do it! Thanks for the extra push Kelly!! & the update for BB8, I can't wait for tomorrow night!
Another goal of min is to start the C25K program. We should be done with the house next weekend )painting and getting ready for our big housewarming party) so I am planning on starting it on Tues, Aug 28. Can't wait for that!!
Also, do you watch "The Hills"? I haven't seen the premiere yet but it is always on during the weekend so I am DYING to see it! Everyone is going on about it and I never missed an episode during Season 1 or 2. Just something else for us to gossip about!!

Swizzlepop said...

Ohh thaks for the top. 10 calories for the entire bottle. Definitely on my shopping list!