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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

dr. praegers = delicious

hi everyone! just another boring tuesday...work work work. not much to report. scale: 135. come on scale, keep going.

product find: dr. praeger's spinach cakes

yum!! 2 points for one and since you broil it, it's extra crispy and delicious :) i cant wait to try the potato pancakes and the pizza bagel!

check out all the dr. praeger's products. looks promising!

not much else to say...i might go down to the gym in a little bit, need to find some motivation. have a great day everyone!!


CaRoLyN said...

Glad you had fun at the wedding! You looked AMAZING!!! I can't even believe you said you have flabby arms...NO WAY! The dressed are super cute too!
You and your bf make such a cute couple and your little brother is adorable!
Great job at the gym...I know you almost feel guilty for kicking her ass but it feels so damn good. I have been walking with one of my friends (I was ALWAYS way bigger than her for basically our whole friendship) Well she has put on a few lbs and I have lost a tonne... I feel like when we are walking, I am in much better shape and have no trouble with the hills like I used to. Although I hate to see her struggling with them, a part of me is SO proud of myself for getting into the shape that I am in! It just feels so good to not be the "fat friend" anymore!
(I hope I don't sound judgmental either!!)

katieo said...

Spinach cakes...ooo, Kelly i don't know about that one. Spinach and Cake don't belong in the same sentence together. lol!

Living to Feel Good said...

You look amazing in your photos, and flabby arms?!! Huh? What?! Not even!!

So I've never even seen these before! You just got then at the grocery store? I'll have to look for them!