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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

day 2: complete!

day 2 of 5 complete for the exercise challenge. yess :) it feels good.

i looked back on my exercise logs from 2005 and 2006. i exercised steadily throughout the year but when i reach september, october, november, the exercise slows down and almost stops. i'm glad i'm catching this now before the holidays.

so today was good points wise and even better gym wise. i did 40 mins on the elliptical so i burned 400ish calories. i'm going for a walk/run with my sister later. i'm excited, she usually doesn't exercise and can remain slim (lucky bitch) so it's nice to see her showing some interest.

i'm hopeful for the weigh-in friday. i am going to try to workout every day until then. and maybe once this weekend? not sure yet. as long as i get at least 5 days in, i will be good.

biggest loser is on tonight, i love it! so motivational.

and lastly....cute halloween wallpaper to download: click here


jodi said...

great job on the exercise, i skipped today because of a bad day at work but i'll be there tomorrow! keep up the great work! being motivated is such a great feeling! :o)

Living to Feel Good said...

WooHooo for the exercise! Great job. I went again today, so that's 3 days in a row from me. I haven't worked out that much in a while, so thanks for motivating me.

That wallpaper is cute! Reminds me of Pac Man.

katieo said...

I just downloaded they little coloring book from that website for my boys. Thanks! :)

And good job on the exercise!

CaRoLyN said...

YAY for getting to the gym! My goal is to get to the gym at least 4 times a week every single week. Since we've joined the gym, I've only gone 3 times every week but I'd love to bump it up to 4. I've already got 2 days in this week and I am planning on going today and tomorrow right after work. Maybe I should join your challenge too! Only my 5th workout would be something like walking/shopping/raking leaves etc. since we only get to the gym a maximum of 4 times a week. Does that still count? I do want to get in more exercise. I've been trying to spend less time in front of the TV and more time doing things around the house and baking/cooking etc. It's not much but at leats I'm on my feet and not sprawled out on the couch. You're challenge has been motivating me to get my butt in shape!

Ok...Biggest Loser last night....can you even believe what happened??? I can't believe Neil did that and Jez went home because of it! That is insane isn't it??? I felt so bad for Jezz but he did look great! He's lost over 100 lbs! That is amazing! I dislike Neil now and just want him to go home. They are there to lose weight and get a healthy lifestyle!! Grr, it makes me mad!
Oh and what did you think about the whole Kim thing?? Nuts.

Ok this is a novel now. :)

Shannon said...

I put the black hallowe'en wallpaper on my desktop at work. So cute. Thanks.