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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

exercise class?

challenge: day 2 of 5: complete
40 minutes on the treadmill: 16 min run, 24 min walk on an incline ~ about 250 calories

yipee! off to a great start this week :) i'm pretty sore from yesterdays elliptical session so the running was tough but the walking felt okay. i'm taking a 20 min walk later on with my coworker to a meeting so that should be good for some activity! i'm going to try to do some weights tonights while i watch the biggest loser. i can't wait for that show, kick neill off!!

there are two gyms where i work. a small one in my building which has treadmills, two (old & not my regular kind) of ellipticals and some weights. in the main building there is a bigger gym with tons of ellipticals (the kind that i love) and treadmills, satan machine, pretty much everything. they also offer classes. i think tmw i am going to try to get some elliptical time in and then do the body conditioning class....i'm kind of nervous, i've hardly ever done group exercise classes but hopefully it will be fun!

time for my lunch...have a great afternoon/evening blog buddies!


Anne said...

I'm sure the class will be great. Have fun!

CaRoLyN said...

I bet you'll be addicted after you take 1 class. I took one last week and loved it but I was sore for about 5 days!!! I think I needed more stretching at the end.

I'm planning on taking it again next week though so we'll see how she goes!

Good for you for getting back to the gym! I'm going there right after work today. I'm taking on the elliptical!

katieo said...

omygosh kelly.I'm so addicted to those classes. I prefer those ANY day of the week to working out on my own now!