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Thursday, October 25, 2007

day 4: complete & my chili find

day 4 of 5: complete
55 minutes on the treadmill, ran 18 = 365 calories

i feel like that should be more calories but oh well, i will take it! it felt good to run today. one more day and the challenge is complete. next week i want to challenge myself again. i may cut it down to 4 days since 5 is a lot but who knows. maybe another 5 days of working out are in my future!

has anyone had boca chili? um, YUM!! now, i'm sure this recipe could be homemade but since i'm a busy working girl, i enjoy a good frozen lunch. here are the stats:
150 calories for the whole bowl
20g of fiber. yes, 20
1g of fat. again, yes, 1g.
= 2.3 points.

UM. WOOOW. the nutritionals alone make this a winner and the fact that it is totally filling and a good portion size is even better. it's definitely yummy. i topped mine with some reduced fat cheese & fat free sour cream.

i've been pounding water today since christmas weigh-in is tmw. i think i've been holding on to some water weight. i peaked at the scale today and its gone up a lb. not fair. i've been PERFECT this week. like no joke, flawless. havent gone over my daily points, exercise every day. so mr. scale better be nice to me tmw morning!

have a great day ladies!


Living to Feel Good said...

OMG My husband would LOVE that chili! I actually make a chili with the veggie crumbles, and mine turns out to be 2pts a bowl, but it would come in handy to be ready all ready. We will have to look for it.

Great job on the workout! Woohoo 1 more day left for you. My mom is coming over in 2 hrs, and we are working out again. She joined me on Tuesday and liked it and liked working out in the weight room, so we are doing it again.

CaRoLyN said...

Mmmm Looks yummy. I wonder if I can find it up here in Canada. I haven't seen any of the other Boca products so probably not but maybe I can pick it up on my next trip down to Maine. 2 points!

Kelly, Thank you SOO much for your comment today. I seriously needed a little encouragement! It's been a rough week as you can see by my post and honestly, I didn't even know how rough it was until I spelled it all out. Now I KNOW why the scale was up a pound this morning.

Good luck on your WI tomorrow morning. It's great to have you back to daily blogging!

I'm on Workout # 3 tonight
15 mins on treadmill
25 mins on elliptical

Adora said...

WOW! I don't know if I've seen that chili around yet, but I'm definitely going to look for it. Thanks for recommending!