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Monday, October 22, 2007

workout challenge: day 1!

hi everyone! hope your monday is more exciting than mine! not much to do on the work front. this gave me an opportunity to hit the gym! 35 minutes of cardio, yeeees! it feels good to be back in there. i challenged sarah to workout 5 days this week. so between now and next monday, i need to do 4 more sessions of cardio/weights. i think i can do it :)

went to the football game yesterday. this means beer & hot dogs. bad, i know. but i was good on friday and saturday, which doesn't happen often. so six good days last week :) hopefully i will see a loss or maintain on friday. i would be happy with that.

not much else to say. i'm enjoying my fake gingerbread latte/coffee creation. i used gingerbread coffeemate. YUM! :) back to "work"...hehe


Living to Feel Good said...

Great job with the workout today Kelly!

Okay so I said I would start the challenge today, but I noticed you said on Thursday that the challenge was starting Sunday, so I went to the gym yesterday, and then again today. So I either have 1 or 2 days in. Let me know what the official day is. I'm so glad we are doing this again!
I think you will be fine with the beer and hot dogs if you get your 5 days in!! :) And like you said you had 6 good days, so no problem with the WI Friday right!!!

CaRoLyN said...

Mmmm Beer and Hot Dogs! Can you beat it?
Great job for getting to the gym, I think the challenge is really going to help you get motivated to get your butt to the gym. Congrats on Day 1!