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Friday, October 12, 2007

slacky mcslackerson

hi everyone!

slacky mcslackerson here!! this week has not been the best. starting with a 9 course meal on tuesday (i know...more on that in a minute), followed by a girl's happy hour on wednesday that turned into a beerfest & then out to dinner for BF's mom's birthday last night at bonefish....i just feel like a slug! i hate this, i am normally not like this. i haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks and im really getting frustrated with my bad choices.

i brought my gym bag today and im ready to get in there once again. im ready to start eating dinners at home and i need to definitely cut back on the flex points that i keep making up. 10 here, 10 there....way over 35 pts most likely.

so tuesday was our 2 year anniversary. we went to a swanky restaurant located in the mandarin oriental hotel. it was SO nice, we were waited on hand and foot. it's the kind of place where you just order the chef's six course meal and hope for the best. and it was AMAZING. gluttony at its finest. and of course the chef sent out extra plates with extra bites. i couldn't resist and since it was quite pricey i felt like i should just got for it. we had: sea bass, salmon, beef carpaccio, duck mouse (gross), lamb, lobster (omg so delicious), 5 assorted cheeses, guiness bread (wow!), wine, champagne, root beer ice cream thing & then chocolate "pudding" which was more like a gooey delicious chocolate cake. so basically, i ate everything on the planet that night.

wednesday was the girl's happy hour and i totally let myself indulge in appetizers, without a care in the world. last night was bonefish and i definitely gave in to the calamari and bang bang shrimp. i haven't been like this is so long, i feel so out of control. and i know that i'm done with the "eating crap" period. im ready to move on. today, so far so good.

so my christmas weigh-in: 139 - yes, that's right. up a lb. and i'm wondering how its not up 5 lbs but hey, i'll take it. i'm getting back on track starting today. i know its a friday but i have a very low key weekend planned.

hope you are all doing better than i am. i've been eating/drinking crap since july. weddings, vacations, birthday dinners, anniversary.....it's got to stop! every event is not an excuse to pig out! it's time to turn this around before i gain too many LBs. i'm so bloated and i hate this feeling. time to make a change.

did anyone watch the office last night? i love that show! andy was too funny with his conference call serenade. lol. take a chance on meee....haha. i love it.

have a great weekend :)


Stephanie said...

I know how hard it is when all of these "events" come up. It's almost a guilty feeling I get if I don't eat what's there, because essentially, I paid for it through a wedding gift or whatever the case may be. I am slowly learning that it's not an excuse to indulge every chance I get at these things. For example at Thanksgiving (I'm Canadian), I had everything (except pumpkin pie), but I had small quantities of everything, and I was very satisfied. Good luck, you can do it - just set your mind to it and make it something that you really really want.

Anonymous said...

same as me, been totally OFF TRACK since JUNE. I'm ready to get back to er too.

CaRoLyN said...

I know what you mean Kelly! I choose to celebrate EVERY occasion with unhealthy food! Grr why do we do this?? So crazy! Sounds lik eyou had an amazing anniversary with your man though so at least you enjoyed yourself. The desserts sound so yummy!

YES I watched the Office last night. It was hilarious! I love that show. I loved it when Pam and Jim pretended to be the website talking to Dwight. OMG so funny!

Have a great weekend!!!