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Thursday, October 18, 2007

grocery obsession & a new challenge

i have a confession. i go to the grocery store almost every single day during the week. last night i was strolling through bloom at a leisurely pace with my cart, just checking out new products and eyeballing nutritional information on things i would never buy like: donuts, muffins, banana split ice cream, oreo cookies, etc. and i realized, it was very peaceful. i love being at the grocery store. especially at night when its nice and quiet. i looked for at my pedometer 2,000+ steps just from being there. wow! physical activity and i didn't even realize it. i hope my love of everything grocery isn't strange but that's okay if it is.

so, i've had my quick & cheesy quesadilla recipe 3 times this week. and OMG, its just so good. 3 points people! and its very filling! i think the melty laughing cow cheese is the best part, it's just too delicious. you need to try it.

totm finally arrived. i thought it was here bc i had cramps but no. it's here today. so katie, we may now be back on track! haha :)

over the summer sarah & i challenged each other to get in 5 days of exercise in one week. it was very challenging and fun. i challenged sarah again last night so starting sunday, i am going to get in 5 days of exercise. i love a challenge! wanna join?

scale said 137 yesterday. and 137.8 today. sooo what will it say tommorow with TOTM? who knows...and i dont feel like caring about it. just for this week. no numbers.


Shannon said...

omg i love the grocery store too, i go like 4 times at week at least too. love it.

CaRoLyN said...

Kelly I so know where you are coming from at the grocery store. I love love love grocery shopping. Checking out new products and looking at the nutritional value. Honeslty if I went by myself, I could easily spend 2 or 3 hours at the grovery store getting groceries. Hubby always comes with me which is nice for the company but he's always rush rush. Not as fun. I also like looking in other people's carts to see what there getting. How's that for weird? It's always astonishes me when I see people with little kids with them and their cart is stocked full of junk food. Cookies and chips and pop and candy. Crazy! I'm surprised they still have teeth left!

I think the challenge is a great idea. You're going to rock it!

Living to Feel Good said...

You couldn't have asked me at a better time for the challenge! I so need it, and so ready for it.

I'll start Sunday too.

Thanks for the recipe...I'm gonna try it in a week or two. Sounds so freakin good!!

And I love grocery shopping too, but I don't go everyday. Do they know you there?? :)

Lily T said...

I’ll join you for the challenge.