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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

quick & cheesey quesadilla receipe


2 - la tortilla factory tortillas (small 50 calorie size) - 1 pt

1 wedge of laughing cow light garlic & herb - 0.5 pt

1 small sprinkling/palm full of monterrey jack cheese - 1-2 pts

spray pan with pam
spread the laughing cow wedge on one tortilla
sprinkle cheese on top of the laughing cow cheese so everything is spread evenly
top with other tortilla
lightly brown on both sides, flattening out each side, to smush the cheese
cut into four pieces
dip in salsa & fat free sour cream

YUM!!!! this was SOOOOOO good and filling. i wasn't hungry afterwards and could hardly finish the last piece. definitely try this one out! i copied a recipe from sandra lee and added smoked salmon to it as well. very yummy but i think the plain cheese is faster, cheaper & just as delicious.

as i was googling for pictures of laughing cow, i came across "laughing cow squeeze" which is available in the UK! bring it across the water laughing cow!!

other than that, its TOTM. so....i'm ignoring the evil scale. hopefully it's water weight. i need a break from it too, katie!!

back to the gym today? lets hope so....


jodi said...

why does the UK get all the cool stuff? laughing cow in a squeeze-tube - that is awesome! i love the french onion flavor, so tasty on egg samiches... :o)

CaRoLyN said...

I always say that about the US! Why do you guys get all the great low cal stuff??? We have to suffer it out up here in Canada. We don't even have the Garlic and Herb laughing cow cheese! I didn't even know there was a french onion favor!!

I made a quesadilla last week on WW tortilla and I used 1 oz of low fat cheddar and topped it with green & Red peppers, onions and salsa and baked it. Yummy!

Living to Feel Good said...

OMG I want that squeeze cheese!! They so need to bring it here!! Okay that quesadilla sounds so good. I wonder why I never thought to put the LC on it before!!

Living to Feel Good said...

Yes yes yes. I have't worked out in 3 weeks. I want to start that challenge up again. Should we start it Monday? I just ate a bunch of candy from that event I went to, and now I feel sick. I am trying to convince myself to go to the gym, but it's so hard when I am in my relaxing clothes. Okay YES I so want to start the challenge again. Tell me when you want to start!!

katieo said...

Oy. TOTM? So soon? lol, I've noticed mine comes about a week and half after yours. tmi? sorry!

Good for you for ignoring the scale for now. I swear we just all need a break now and then!