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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

day 3: complete!

day 3 of 5 complete
50 minutes on the elliptical = 450 calories

yess :) score!

not much else to say. just truckin along. it felt great hitting the gym today and i was SWEATING profusely. ew. the ride home was kind of stinky. lol. and the rain certainly didn't help. i will be back in the gym tmw, and hopefully again on friday. can't wait to rock this challenge out. carolyn joined too, so that's great!

what did you think of biggest loser last night? that was pathetic, neil needs to go home. +17 lbs, who does that!! and who cheats on that show. it's turning into something negative and it needs to stop. p.s. i love jillian, she's the best.

i did weights last night while watching biggest losers & a few planks too. i can feel it today, but i definitely need to step up the strength training.

alright...see you tmw! happy exercising challengers!!


Living to Feel Good said...

Great job! Lily has joined too, so all three of us are at 3/5 on the challenge. If you go to my page and scroll down on my side bar I have her link there.

I was just telling Anne, that I secretly hope his plan back fires next week, and he doesn't lose all of that 17lbs, but I know he will. I just think that really sucks, and even though Jez wasn't my favorite, it sucked for him. Next week looks good too. I love Jillian too, and I loved how she made a comment to him. Okay what about that drama with Kim and Amy? Damn that was a good one last night in the drama department! :)

Okay glad Carolyn joined us too! This challenge is rocking! :)

Krissy said...

Sounds like you've been pretty busy. I didn't get to watch TBL tonight, but thanks for the update. How in gods name does someone go up 17 pounds? :ugh:

katieo said...

Neil must go home! Seriously, they should kick him off. I thought that was completely ridiculous. It just kind of makes you lose faith in the show! Do you really know what anyone really weighs or are they just playing the water game? ugh.

(and yay for planks! :)

CaRoLyN said...

I can't believe BL! Makes me so mad! I hope Neil goes home next week.

I had great intentions about making it to the gym last night, I even went there with my gym bag and everything. Then I remembered I forgot my elastics at home. It's nearly impossible for me to workout without one. I know sounds weird right? But my hair is long and super thick and I've tried it before and as soon as I start sweating it starts sticking everywhere and makes me feel like I'm having a heat stroke. There is a Giant Tiger (kind of like K-Mart) store by the gym so I ran over to buy some elastics and they don't sell them! I was so frustrated. By that time I was already running late and in a really bad mood so I just stormed out. Ridiculous eh? I was all geared up to workout too! Well I have my gym bag today AND elastics. You probably think I'm crazy now haha!
But I was so mad when I got home because I really wanted to make it to the gym 4 times this week. I'm still toying with the idea of trying to get in a quick 30 min workout tomorrow after work before date night starts with hubby. ANd I plan on spending a couple hours raking on Saturday if it doesn't rain so I'm still aiming for 5 workouts this week. Oh and I just thought of this one. I might try and jump on the trampoline while watching a little TV tonight.

The Office looks like a good one!