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Friday, October 26, 2007

no pain no gain?

WRONG! i am so sore right now from the cardio/weights i did this week. and what do i get for it? a GAIN. oh well.

so time for honesty: 1.2lb gain.

scale: 138.2

hmm. i don't even know how that happens after this perfect eating/exercise week. i drank 12 glasses of water yesterday people!! i never do that. my clothes fit better, so that's a plus. but shouldn't the scale reflect this? i exercised A LOT this week. more than usual. oh well. i feel good about the choices i made, i haven't dipped into flex points. i have given up my nightly glass of wine (except for last night). so....whatever. i'm over that scale! let the challenge continue :)

today i plan on hitting the gym during or after work. havent decided. 2 meetings on my agenda so who knows. i don't have any plans this weekend except date night with D tmw night. i actually might just stay in and watch a movie tonight. it might sound boring but sometimes that's all i want to do is sit, in silence and relax. i feel like i'm always surrounded my noise...at work, sometimes at home...so it's nice to just have "me-time". maybe i'm a loner, but that's okay.

well hopefully next weeks weigh-in is better....i think i might do the 5 day challenge again next week? or possibly 4 day...what do you think? anyone else want to do 5?? i love a good challenge!

have a great friday! :)


CaRoLyN said...

Ok so I just finished writing a novel on your last post but now I feel the need to comment on this post too!

Don't let the gain get to you. As EVERYONE says, it takes a while for your body to adjust to the extra exercise and weight training. Muscle weighs more than fat right AND you said your clothes are fitting better so that is a good sign right? It's just a number. You KNOW that the extra exercise is good for your body, it just may take a few weeks for it to show the results on the scale. don't sweat it (or Keep sweting it I should say)

I'm up for a challenge of 5 workouts next week. You want to challenge me? :)

My plan for next week is hit the gym Mon-Thurs for 4 workouts and then spend Saturday morning raking leaves in the yard for about 2-3 hours! We can so do this Kelly!

Randi said...

I'm in for 5 next week too. I do 4 now which is great, but not a "challenge". Next week, 5 it is, oh and remember that's halloween so it'll be a little extra challenging (but also way more necessary!)
don't sweat the gain. if you're still sore from exercise it definately means your body's doing different things so the weight will probably fall off tomorrow.

jodi said...

the small gain could be for a lot of reasons but you're doing the right thing - moving on... you're making better choices and your clothes are fitting better, so progress IS being made, even if the scale says otherwise... you're doing great! :o)

katieo said...

OH I'm so sorry! No one likes to see a gain! (although maybe it was all that water yesterday? But especially if you did weights. I bet you'll have a drop next week. Have you taken your measurements?

Living to Feel Good said...

I'm in for next week again.

Okay question..I know this sounds crazy, but since you up your workout are you eating enough? I still today find it hard to figure out how much extra I need to eat when I've had a good workout because seriously I do gain if I don't. When I did WW my leader pointed that out to me when I had a gain after a week of running everyday. She pointed that out to me, and I thought she was crazy, but when I ate a little more she was right..I lost.

I thought of you last night. You said you go to the grocery store everyday, and I went for the coffee creamers and spaghetti squash. I saw the word boca in the freezer area, and then I found the best ice cream. Check out my blog. :)

Living to Feel Good said...

Ya I am in for next week. My arms are a little sore today from the weights, but I'm going to do cardio later today. I mean I did eat a lot of ice cream last night. Hahaha. I will try your apple pie ice cream soon. Is it limited edition too? And I forgot who makes it?

Anne said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the gain. It's not a big one and as long as you keep doing what you are doing you will start to lose inches and pounds :)