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Thursday, October 25, 2007

day 4: part 2

so in addition to my 55 mins of cardio i did today (see below), i went on a 23 minute walk this afternoon...had to go to a meeting but whatever, also walked up and down ALL the aisles at the grocery store. i got some major mileage on my pedometer! 16,700+ steps so far. i'm proud of myself.

just wanted to remind myself of how good this feels.

note to future self : when you start to slack off, remember how good you feel right now, burning all those activity points and being in control.

enjoying a glass of wine (as a little reward) with my BF & watching some thursday night tv.

crossing my fingers for tmws weigh-in! either way, gain or loss or maintain, i will be happy bc i know i worked hard this week.

note to friday morning weigh-in self : try to keep that in mind. lol :)


katieo said...

Woowee! You go! I totally hear you. IT's so important ot remind yourself of how good you feel! (ESPECIALLY before WI)

CaRoLyN said...

Hey Kell

I got the point value off of this site - http://quiddity.cc/rachel/diet/wwfoods.htm#Z
It does say that 1/2 cup is 4 fl oz. So you were guessing right. But I would think that a bottle of wine has more than 16 fl ounzes per bottle. That is only 2 cups of wine right?? 1/2 cup of wine doesn't really seem like much does it? That would just be a few sips. I don't know, I love a nice glass of red wine but I've really never put any thought into the point value. Let me know what your investigation pulls out! I'm curious now!

Thanks for the Starbucks suggestions. I think I'll try a Latte. Sounds yummy AND it would count as a dairy serving right? Bonus.

Don't sweat being up a lb. I'm sure it will come off next week and then some. You're body is probably just adjusting to the increase in exercise and your working those muscles! Thanks for challenging me with the exercise, I think it's really given me the motivation that I've been looking for. I feel so much better when I get in enough exercise!

Have a GREAT weekend Kell!