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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

on point & feeling great

hi everyone!! it's been a busy day at work and i am SO looking forward to this weekend. i was OP yesterday and hit the gym. so far i'm OP today and will probably go for a walk later or do a workout dvd. i forgot my towel today so thats what kept me from the gym here at work. plus i just don't really feel like it! honesty is the best policy.

my plans for tonight are to go home, get some laundry done, eat dinner and then i might go watch a movie with D. i REALLY want to see hairspray. has anyone seen it? i made D see dreamgirls with me and he hated it. he slept through part of it though. but he passed on my invite to hairspray. haha. i completely understand but i still need to see it!

tommorow i am meeting up with some of my sorority sisters from college for drinks. i'm going to try to stick to rum & diet coke or a light beer. thursday night i'm heading home for my best friend's wedding. friday is the spa day/rehearsal dinner and saturday is the wedding!! i can't believe she's getting married. well i can believe it, she's amazing, but i just can't believe we're old enough to be doing that! immature i guess but i still picture us in high school/college mode. i guess it's time to start growing up. but i am thrilled for her and the wedding is going to be blast! i will not be counting points this weekend and it will be the end of the "summer events" i have planned so that's good. i do have a few concerts to go to but that's no biggie. this will be my last out of town weekend until september and it will be nice to be back in a routine.


CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend lined up!! Weddings are sooo fun! It's a great excuse to have too much wine and shake your butt all night! Love them! I went through the same hting you did when I looked around and all my friends were getting married! It's weird that we are all growing up! Of course I was the first one getting married!! I can't believe I was only 21!!! Good thing I have a wonderful husband!!
Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself! Spa day sounds absolutely amazing!

mylife said...

go see hairspray. i had so much fun and walked out of the theater with a huge grin on my face. the movie actually changed my mood for a good half a day. i went out and bought the soundtrack and it has been great to workout to especially on the dreaded stairmaster machine.