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Thursday, July 05, 2007

long weekend and the sneeze disease

somehow i ended up with one parting gift from my vacation: a killer cold. sore throat, sneezing, coughing, yuck! that is not the way i wanted to wrap up my vacation. luckily i'm starting to feel better but i definitely have had sneeze attacks all morning. gross!!

so my much anticipated long vacation went by way too quick. i weighed myself this morning. 136. not too shabby after a wedding/family reunion/taste of chicago/4th of july weekend! i'm sure it's water weight. i'm usually between 132-134 so i'm sure this will creep down. the only problem is i have ANOTHER bachelorette party on saturday night. aghhh! but i figure as long as i get my rear in gear today, tmw and saturday morning that i should be able to splurge a little on the cocktails saturday night. i'm really looking forward to it though, my best friend is getting married and i'm so excited for her!

the wedding was fun, i definitely drank more than i ate, which wasn't a lot. i wasn't impressed by the food at all. it was a pretty lavish event but i felt like the food was too fancy for my taste. i like delicious food but i'm not really into cold veggie spring rolls that are not fried and smuthered in peanut sauce. not my cup of tea. and we all i know how much i love me some peanut-flavored items. the salad had candied pecans in it and some sort of funky cheese with a raspberry dressing. normally that would be delicious but this one wasn't, i barely took a bite of it. the entree was chicken and steak with mashed potatoes. i didn't eat the steak though and only had a few bites of the chicken. i did however gobble up my garlic mashed potatoes. yum! they served an apple streudel type of desert item (still wondering why...since there was wedding cake). i didn't like the streudel and never made it over to the cake! oh well, i drank some champagne and my cocktail of choice: vodka, soda water, splash of cranberry and a lime. it's yummy and very diet friendly.

sunday we had brunch. i'm not much of a breakfast eater so i had cereal and fruit. we then got on a plane and made our way to chicago for the family reunion. since we arrived late there was nothing to eat so my aunt ran to the store and bought a rotisserie chicken. yum. spent the next few days eating homemade goodies: potato pancakes, scones, etc. the taste of chicago was probably where i ate the worst. my dad is a very slender guy and he loves to eat. well that translates into him buying a sample of almost every food item there and insisting we all took a bite: crabcakes, chicago style hot dogs, deep dish pizza, calamari, chicken tenders, fried catfish, pecan pie, italian ice, ice cream. i only took one bite of each! but there were many bites taken. haha. but i definitely impressed myself with my ability to turn down delicious fried goodness that i didn't need. we also walked a lot so that was good. the only area i could have improved in was the drinking...definitely enjoyed some beer & wine while we were there.

the fourth of july was fun, drank beer, ate a bratwurst, some potato salad...hey, you gotta do it. it's what george washington and the founding fathers would have wanted. freedom to eat crap! haha jk :)

oh well, today is a new day and more importantly next week is a fresh start for me. i'm enjoying my summer but i prefer long, slow weekends and i don't have too many of those to enjoy this summer. i'm not complaining...it's just that i love sleeping in my own bed and plan what i eat. oh well, life is too short to not indulge once in a while.

hope you are having a great day and i can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs!! :o)

1 comment:

katieo said...

Welcome back! It sounds like your trip was a total success eating-wise. Splurge a bit but no major pigouts...
I totally know what you mean about getting back into a routine!
Take it easy, hope you feel better soon!