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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

countdown to fun!

good afternoon & happy hump day!!

scale: 134 (after the gym)

days left of work: 2
days until my weekend beach trip: 3
days until my best friends wedding (hehe): 9!

i've definitely been on a roll this week. i hit the gym for the third day in a row and did 65 minutes of cardio! yay! not much else to say, considering i was at the gym so long, i better get back to work...in the meantime, new product reviews from yours truly :)

product reviews:

picture source: heat, eat, review

trader giotto's (joe's) eggplant parmesan
the eggplant in this is grilled, not fried! the sauce is great and it's very cheesey but the seeds in the eggplant were kind of weird. it was a good lunch though, i would probably buy it again. only $2.29 and around 5 points. it said to microwave for 9 minutes, which i did. it completely burned the sauce around the rim, gross. next time i would probably do it for 6-7 minutes.

lean cuisine pork stir fry
roasted pork,edamame and water chestnuts in an asian style garlic sauce over whole wheat pasta. this was okay. the pork was yummy but the sauce didn't do anything for me. the pasta would be great with a marinara sauce. i love that it's whole wheat pasta!


Crabby McSlacker said...

I don't know why only the lean cuisine people can seem to do decent whole wheat pasta. Everywhere else it tastes like cardboard.

I don't eat much frozen food, but the Lean Cuisine Spa line is usually what I grab when I do. They taste sort of okay, and are pretty good on whole grains and veggies (especially if you get the double veggie kind). But if I try to do them more than once or twice a month they start to taste really nasty to me. All of a sudden the flavors just taste too strong and fake.

katieo said...

Hey Kelly! 65 minutes?? Are you kidding? I hopped off this morning after 20. I was zapped. Way to go!

CaRoLyN said...

Great job on getting to the gym. Your post is motivating me to get in some activity myself...It has been a week since I have had any real exercise! (besides packing/moving activity) I think you just motivated me to get out for a walk tonight. Thanks Kelly!
I'm not a huge fan of frozen entrees but I have tried a few of the lean cuisine that really aren't too bad.

BB8 tonight! Who's going home?

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog and it's really neat. Can't wait to read more. :)