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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

half day, picnic & tan lines

half day!

that reminds me of arrested development: "army had a half day" - buster. did anyone watch that show? kind of quirky but so funny!!

today we're having a picnic offsite for work. it's from 11-4. i'm going to go for an hour or so and then head to my pool i think. i don't want to eat that food and i don't really want to hang out with my coworkers. is that bad? they are so different from me, it's hard to explain. i work in the IT department which is filled with "unique" personalities and our gatherings are usually pretty awkward. it's definitely nerd central. i guess i'm calling myself a nerd but i don't think i am. i'm just good with computers, always have been. i do more of a project management job though. anyway, enough about work.

the bridesmaid dress i have to wear aug. 4th is strapless and i've definitely been wearing a halter top bathing suit all summer. i dont have a strapless bikini, well at least not one i want to wear, so i'm going to have to pull down the straps or get creative somehow. has anyone ever done spray-tanning? that may be an option. i've gotten pretty brown (i'm part mexican so i tan easily) and there is definitely a huge difference between the tan skin and the pre-tanned skin. what's a girl to do?

so far i've eat too much peanut butter today. i was eatiing it with an apple and it was too good to stop. probably 1.5 servings, i usually try to only eat half a serving at a time. oh well! it's almost TOTM so that is probably why.

alright, if i workout i'll check back in later! hope your day is going well!! :)


Randi said...

Totally watched Arrested Development! Thanks for the laugh! I know what you mean about the nerd central, I'm an engineer. Geeks galore. I've never used spray tanning but I do use the lotion kind and they work pretty good. If you get somebody to help you I think the spray would be good. If wedding day comes and it doesn't look perfect you could try putting a bronzer on everywhere to blend the 2 colors.

katieo said...

If you do spray tan, go get it done. I've heard it's awesome.

Ha! Nerds. (And IT nerds at that, doesn't that mean they've got some "attitude"? lol!)

Although I shouldn't make too much fun of them, I did marry one. a very handsome one.

Shelley said...

I did the spray tan thing a few months ago. It was pretty cool. It only lasts a few days, though, and you can't take a shower or exercise (sweat) for 12 hours. Anyway, since you are part Mexican, you'll fill it in before you know it. I got married on August 4th, too! 17 years strong!

No, it isn't bad at all to not want to hang out with your co-workers! God, you're around them enough all day every day, but it is nice to have an offsite picnic once in awhile.

I am sad to say that there is no way I'm gonna reach 124 by August 1. Unless there is some miracle and I suddenly get really sick and can't eat....it can happen! LOL

Take care!

Maggie said...

What about those moisturizers that gradually add a tan? I think Jergen's makes one. That might fill in the spots. My mom uses it during the summer and really likes it.

Dee said...

I did the spray tan thing before my wedding. It worked great. I did the "level 1" (there's 2 levels of tanning). It was enough to give me color but didn't look fake.