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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

hello there everyone! i'm back, after another long and diet-damaging weekend, i am back! i have to be honest, i didn't post yesterday because i was feeling fat, bloated and in no mood to review what i've been eating/drinking this past week. yuck! this weekend was no exception. as i clicked around on my favorite weight-loss blogs i've noticed that people are having similar issues. bad eating habits and loss of motivation! i'm with you! i feel the same way. is it in the air?

i don't want to type out what i saw on the scale this morning. it was more than my usual "ate too much over the weekend weight" of 136. and laugh all you want, maybe you think that's an acceptable weight. but my personal comfort weight is 132-134. so my head is back in the game. i'm lying, it really isn't. probably because i know that this weekend i have another party to go to and you know what, i just don't feel like being good! well part of me does and the other part of me doesn't. i'm going to try either way though.

i'm forcing myself to get down to the gym today. i haven't been in a week. yikes! come on kelly, let's do this thing! i'm in a wedding august 4th. part of me thinks monday would be a better day for me to start kicking it into high gear. as i type that, i'm thinking, but why not today? ahh! i just need a break, i think that's what it is.

alright, you ladies try to be good and i will try to...that's all i can do is try! :)


Anne said...

As long as you try. You can do it!

katieo said...

Yay! Welcome back!
ugh. I know what you mean, I swear Jumping back in is never easy.
You'll have it off in no time.