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Friday, July 06, 2007

fabulous friday & product reviews

hi everyone! gearing up for another out-of-town weekend. thankfully it's just saturday. i need to get back into my routine.

there are a couple of yummy new products that i tried that i wanted to share with you.

trader joe's chili lime chicken burgers
these come in frozen raw patties that are huge, in a pack of 4. i believe it was $3.59 for the box. not too shabby. i brought mine home frozen and had to cook them longer. they were good, but the trader joe's guacamole/salsa mixture that i put on top of them made them even better! the guac/salsa is called e=mc guac or something (i'll have to get back to you one that). it's good and you get two plastic containers in one package. the best part is it doesn't expire for 3 weeks so i don't feel like i need to use it immediately.

annie chun's miso soup

this was huge and yummy! the bowl was heavy, which i liked. i felt like i was getting a lot of bang for my buck. it only took a minute or two to prepare/cook. i've never had miso soup that had noodles in it but this was good. only 4 points too, even better! it took a while to eat bc the noodles were slippery but i definitely enjoyed that too. it filled me up

hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! i'm going to the bachelorette party tmw so i will be back on sunday! i haven't exercised this week bc of the crazy vacation & cold that won't go away. i'll be back at it next week :)


katieo said...

that miso soup looks yummy.

Are you feeling better? Have a fun weekend!

Monique said...

That Miso soup looks unbelievably good!