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Monday, July 23, 2007

back on track

happy monday! for once, i'm not exhausted from the weekend and hating work. i feel really upbeat right now and i'm ready to hit the gym in a little bit.

i have a confession. i haven't been sticking to my diet lately. in fact, all last week i wasn't really into it. i wanted a break so i took one. didn't work out, ate a few things i shouldn't have. probably drank too much beer/wine. but i'm back. and i'm focused. i'm kicking my rear into gear. i know i've said that the past few weeks but haven't really felt it until today. TOTM is almost over, i have 2 weeks until i'm a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding and i just want to get back down to my comfortable weight. i didn't weigh myself this morning but i'm thinking i'm around 136. i'll weigh myself tmw and start being accountable again. that's all i can do!

had a good weekend. had drinks on friday, then went to fridays (lol) for dinner and more drinks and then came back home. saturday i laid low all day and then went to a house party. drank more beer. egh. why do i do it, i do not know. last night we went on a double date to the movies with my sister and her new boyfriend. we saw "i know pronounce you chuck and larry". then had a middle-school flashback and we snuck into "transformers". haha. i'm such a wuss though, i was scared the whole time that we would get caught. but i'm thinking the 14 year old collecting the tickets really didn't care. anyway, i ate a lot of popcorn and tried to get that out of my system.
(p.s. transformers was AWESOME! chuck & larry was funny...not the funniest movie i've ever seen but it was good...i REALLY want to see hairspray!)

so far today i've had 2 hard boiled egg whites and one yolk for breakfast. i had a scoop of peanut butter for a snack. and i'm going down to the gym around 1. then i have a south beach diet chicken and green bean almondine in the fridge. i think it's yummy. i need to cut back on the carbs, bread, beer, pastas. i need to get back to lean proteins and veggies. tonight for dinner i'm picking up trader joe's chili limi burgers and cooking that up (no bun) with a side of squash and maybe brocoli. i need to get my water in and i need to get back in the groove.

summers really do screw up my routine and i admit, i let the fact that its summer allow me to go overboard. but i'm back on track hopefully...wish me luck :)

thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post. my bf knows i have a blog and sometimes i talk about it, but he is NOT allowed to read it. in fact it was up on my laptop one night and all i hear is "ms. kelly's weight watchers blog, is that yours??". i ran over, closed the laptop and acted like a 5 year old and told him he wasn't allowed to read it. he laughed and said he would google it at work and read it anyway. lol. i really doubt he has but if he is: hi D!! ;)

do you let your significant others read your blogs?


CaRoLyN said...

Glad to see that you are holding yourself accountable...you've fessed up and now you're moving on! Good job!! I also fell way off plan on the weekend, had too much wine and pizza and ice cream!! This weekend I am really going to challenge myself. ONE cheat day only! that is my goal this weekend. I can do it!
My hubby does ready my blog...he evens leaves comments from time to time. It's sweet actually. At first I really didn't wnat him to read it but I warmed up to the idea.
Keep it up girlie...that bridesmaids dress isn't far away!

Randi said...

Yeah, my hubby doesn't quite get what this is and how much I post. I told him I have a blog but he didn't really seem interested. I think I'll keep it that way. I sometimes use it to vent ABOUT him so that wouldn't be good.
Sometimes we just need a break so I hear ya! As long as you come back after just a little while, then you're usually ready to tackle it again with more focus. So welcome back to "on track".

katieo said...

OH my gosh, lol! Aaron totally reads my blog. Not by choice- by force. I'm always like, GO READ MY POST! Then I'll bug him for detailed feedback. I think he sometimes wishes he was in "D"'s place.

Glad you're back!

JessiferSeabs said...

My DBF knows about it, but I hid it from him for a long time... when I finally told him about it, I asked him not to read it and not to look for it. I trust that he hasn't, although we do talk abotu the blog from time to time.

However, I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking about giving him the link... I don't really talk about him or our relationship on my blog, so why not, right?