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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

don't stop! get it, get it!

i did it, i forced myself to work out. 46 minutes of cardio baby! i dropped 2 lbs in the process. man, why am i so hung up on weight?

the weird thing is that when i started doing it, my legs felt so heavy. could one week of sedentary living really have made me feel so out of shape? once i got over the hump, i sailed right through and even got a little bit of an exercise high. i was feeling those endorphins! so far i've eaten well today and gotten my exercise in, i'm feeling better about these lbs that creeped up on me.

i could feel myself starting to not care. the excuses were filling my head: just get back on track next week, work out tmw, it's only a few lbs, it's probably just water weight. i could have totally let myself have a free week but i (hopefully) have snapped out of it and am back on track :)

p.s. is anyone else having a problem with posting a title for the blog entry? it didn't work earlier either. weird.


mylife said...

i felt the same kind of victory today. go girl!

no probs posting titles today. not sure what could be wrong...

KL said...

Glad you're getting back out there. Yesterday was a good gym day, but I'm having a bad food WEEK. Now that Mom's gone home, I think I'm making up for lost snacking or something.

Kitty said...

Yeah I finally got my titles back today.

You are so close to your goal weight - good luck.

katieo said...

yay! I love that you said 46 minutes and not 45. lol! Great job.

CaRoLyN said...

I know exactly what you mean Kelly!!! I sat on the couch last night with my sweats on and my sneakers laced up but I just sat there for about 20 mins thinking..."I'll get back on track next week, I don't feel like going for a walk....I just need to relax and watch some TV" In the end, I got my lazy butt of the couch and went walking for an hour and I felt GREAT afterwards but I was surprised at how much not walking for a week or 2 has affected me! It was a lot harder than it usually is!!

The parties are what get you, everytime. A glass of wine here, some appetizers there before you know it, your way off track. The important thing though is to jump back on the wagon first thing Sunday morning, that is what I have trouble with!

kelly said...

mylife: i checked out your blog, we seem to be around the same weight, i'll definitely be checking it out more often!

kl: sometimes you just need to focus on the food or the exercise and then it will fall back into place. thats how i am anyway. as long as i can be good in one area, i feel like i'm accomplishing something.

kitty: i'll have to try mine out, it's not work! and thanks for the luck, i need it! and some willpower please! haha

katieo: you know it, every minute must be accounted for and i love me some even numbers!!

carolyn: most of the time just getting out and doing something is the hardest part. once i'm moving, i usually don't quit. and you're right about the parties. one glass of wine turns into a bottle and then everyone wants late night food! yikes! i think once the craziness of the summer is over i will definitely see a bigger loss.