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Monday, July 16, 2007

weekend & diet style

must eat more fruit!

good morning blog buddies! i'm back from yet another weekend out of town. i was about 2 hours south in my hometown, hanging out with my best friend who is getting married. she had a stock-the-bar party, it was a lot of fun! we brought a HUGE bottle of maker's mark whiskey (which the bride & groom enjoy) and some soco. didn't have any of it, stuck to light beer so that was good. i did have 2 tiny little finger sandwiches though and a bite of my bf's chicken wing. i always have to take a bite of whatever he's eating, and it's so cute because he knows. i pretend like i dont want it but i always take a bite. and thats it, i just like to taste things. i managed to eat well earlier in the day so it wasn't too bad.

sunday was a "cheat day"...i know, i should have probably slowed my roll after my weight gain last week but hey, you only live once and it was sunday funday afterall. i didn't do too bad. went to brunch, ordered a mimosa, hummus & pita/veggies and then ate half of the veggie wrap i ordered. back at home we played with my mom's nintendo wii. have you played that? it's so much fun! my 2 year old little brother is a master at bowling, its really crazy to watch. he's also really good at golf. such a cutie pie.

the rest of the day i munched on popcorn, and then had dinner, which included my stepdad's famous strawberry daquiri. dinner was baked ziti, broccoli, and chicken thighs. the chicken thighs were unbelievably delicious! i wish i had taken some leftovers. probably used up all my FPs yesterday but whatever, my weeks start on mondays. i had a great time and loved every minute of it!

this weekend i need to skip the cheat day and be good. the wedding is 3 weeks away and i want to look sexy in that bridesmaid dress! it would be great to get down to 130 by then, but who knows?

how was everyone's weekend? do anything fun?

just for fun: 5 facts about my diet style
1. i eat a huge bowl of steamed broccoli every day to fill myself up before dinner
2. i prefer coke zero to diet coke
3. i love eating frozen cool whip free
4. i'm a sucker for mcdonalds frozen yogurt
5. i eat the same thing for breakfast everyday: english muffin with peanut butter (but lately i've been trying to switch to hummus because the peanut butter is addictive)

what are some interesting facts about your diet style?


katieo said...

Hey Kelly, I am at 142.8 right now. You wanna see who can get to the next 10's first? (If you get to 129.9 first, you win, if I get to 139.9 first I win) No prizes,(well, unless you can think of something...) I just need a little extra kick in the butt. Whaddaya think?

Randi said...

I think it's amazing you eat a bowl of broccoli every day! that's amazing! I couldn't do it, the only way I like steamed broccoli is with cheese sauce. so that's a no no. I'm a sucker for the MccyD's fruit and yogurt. I think it's healthy but know it's not.

katieo said...

More like 143...

And yeah, I think holding it for at least a week is a good idea. And I've been stuck at theis weight forever! Previous attempts to lose weight never get below 140.

Living to Feel Good said...

Hey I eat a big bowl of broccoli about 3 days a week before dinner! I use to eat the frozen cool whip ff with 10 cal jello for dessert at night, but I haven't had it in a long time. I eat the same thing for breakfast too...english muffin with sf jam, and 1 bottle of water.

Love the watermelon picture. I eat watermelon with my frozen entree at lunch monday-friday.

For a snack before lunch I either eat 1 serving of almonds, or 1 banana.

CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you did great on the weekend, especially at the party! Those things can be so hard to get through!
That is amazing that you eat a bowl of broccoli everyday! WOW! It would certainly keep you from over eating at dinner!
I'll have to give the 5 diet facts some thought.... :)