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Thursday, July 12, 2007

non-scale victory & the evil scale

yesterday was a good day. ate all my points and didn't go over. went to the gym. then went out to sushi with my sister and only ordered 1 california roll with no mayo. which is about 3-4 points. i didnt get miso soup like i usually do or pick at her philadelphia rolls (stuffed with cream cheese). i contained myself for once! non-scale victory over sushi!

after dinner i went to the movies. i planned ahead and brought smartpop microwave popcorn in my huge purse. we saw harry potter. it was good but i think the books are better.

the scale isn't being friendly to me. it's almost like i can't believe that i've gained 4 lbs in a week and a half. is that even possible? i keep telling myself it's water weight but i just feel fat...my pants feel snugger. i don't like it. so my rear is back in gear, officially. i will give myself the same amount of time (a week and a half) to get these pounds off. if it took that long to "gain" them then surely i can lose them in the same amount of time.

for lunch today we're having a work meeting at the olive garden. i am not a fan of the olive garden. i checked out dottie's weight loss zone: olive garden page and i'm not impressed. i decided i'm going to have some oatmeal before we leave and then only order minestrone soup. don't worry, my coworkers will have something to say about it. i just really wish that the people i work with would not criticize what i eat because i'm not sitting there telling them how bad the fettucine alfredo they're slurping into their mouths is.

going to the gym today after olive garden...i need to get in 30 mins of cardio. yesterday i only did 25 so i need to step it up so that i am at my comfortable weight.

i mentioned that i made the no pudge fudge brownies on tuesday night. i made the whole batch and have since regretted it. i blew a good 3-4 points yesterday munching on them. i immediately got rid of them so they wouldn't tempt me. my recommendation is to only make the single servings, it's too easy to go overboard if you don't.

have a great thursday, friday is almost here!! :)


katieo said...

Those 4 lbs may not be water weight but I bet they'll still come off easily this week.

Good job on eating yesterday!

(Ok and I just have to say, my husband just saw your new cute picture on your sidebar and goes, "Katie, you need to tell miss kelly not to run with her eyes closed!" lol!)

kelly said...

hahaha!! that's great. maybe she' meditating and running at the same time.

or maybe she's getting a nap in? wouldn't that be great if we could nap and our body could just do the work. haha

CaRoLyN said...

Weight that goes on quick always come off very quick as well so you should have no trouble getting those 4 lbs off in a week and a half.
Good for you for overcoming the sushi temptation! The philli rolls just SOUND fattening don't they?? I've never tried sushi but would love to give it a go, I just need to work up the courage!
Congrats on getting in your exercise! Your giving me the motivation I need to jump on the treadmill after work! THANK YOU!

mylife said...

I too wish co-workers would not be so judgmental. At my work, we have monthly birthday celebrations with cake and dessert. I have tried not attending (people get hurt) or just hanging out without a plateful of food (people think you are not having a good time or just weird). Nowadays I just take a piece of cake and pick at it until I get back to my office and dump. it.