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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

tall, dark, handsome & he cooks!

hi everyone! happy hump day ;)

last night i was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend offered to cook me dinner! he knows i'm obsessed with the food network and over the past few months i've surprised him with some delicious and low fat meals. i think it's adorable that he wants to start cooking too.

D (my boyfriend) is an amazing guy. we met when we worked at a mexican restaurant together. he was a bartender and i was a cocktail waitress/server. i thought he was so cute and one day we worked a shift together and hit it off. he's 6'1, tall, dark and so handsome. i love him so much, but i will stop gushing. anyway, we will have been together 2 years in october. he's my age, 24. we're two days apart (awwww) and he treats me like a princess. i can't wait to marry him one day. we're moving in together next year, at which point we will also be purchasing an english bulldog. i can't wait!

i've been wanting one forever. even though they're kind of ugly i think they are so endearing and adorable. okay, back on topic now...

on monday night i made him boca burger meatless tacos. yum! have you had the boca burger meat? it's delicious. it cost $2.99, has three packs of meat in it and all you do is heat it up. i added some taco powder and water to it and it was ready in under 5 minutes.

i served it with garlic & herb la tortilla factory tortillas. 50 calories each. YUM! we also used sliced avocado, salsa, reduced fat mexican cheese, and fat free sour cream. he loved them and i would say they were about 3-5 points a piece depending on how much cheese you put on it. the boca burger meat is 1pt a serving a believe.

so last night he asked me to come over, told me not to bring anything and he would cook for me! it was adorable. he even baked mushroom bites in the oven. he didn't make them homemade, they were frozen but they were delicious. the entree was whole wheat pasta. he followed the recipe, but asked for help with the veggies. i showed him how to chop up the onions (ala rachel ray) and crack open the garlic. the pasta sauce was homemade: tomato sauce, garlic, onions, EVOO, white beans & turkey pepperoni. he got the recipe from a 10k run website so i think thats why the beans were in there. I went easy on the beans with my portion and instead added more turkey pepperoni.

turkey pepperoni. 20 slices = 80 calories! & so yummy!

it was served with red wine, it was perfect. then we watched big brother 8. i am officially obsessed and i love that it comes on 3x a week. i was so happy when daniele won the power of veto! i can't stand that jen girl. she needs to get the boot!

oh! one more product find: lays baked light chips: barbeque
i love these, you can have 20 chips for 75 calories. YUMYUM!! if you don't dig olean though, these may not be the chips for you. olean has never given me any problems though.

i'm going to try to make it to the gym today but i have a lot of meetings. if i don't make it, i will try to get a walk in tonight if it doesn't rain. TOTM is right around the corner and i am feeling lazy!

didn't weigh in this morning. probably around 134 due to PMS cravings...i need to get my rear in gear so that i can at least be a decent competitor for katie @ sister skinny!


katieo said...

Hey Kelly, I love hearing about tall dark and handsome making you dinner boyfriends! Oh, and I put up a little som'n som'n up about our little contest to see who can break the 10's.
Oh, and I love those lite BBQ chips!

Randi said...

Your boyfriend seems so sweet! My hubby's idea of cooking is ordering pizza. not helpful! Goodluck with the TOTM cravings!

CaRoLyN said...

Aww I love that your bf cooked you dinner ANd it was health conscious! So Sweet!!
I've been meaning to try the Boca products but just haven't gotten around to it. The Tacos sounds sooo yummy though!
I'd love the try the BBQ chips too. Your site is a great resource!! Thank you soo much!!

kelly said...

katie: i need to get on this challenge, i'm a sore loser. haha :)

randi: haha thats cute too. pizza is delicious :)

carolyn: glad i can help. my sister and i are always trying new things. its good because i can sneak a bite of her stuff and not have to buy the whole thing. i actually tried the BBQ chips she bought and loved them so i had to pick some up! definitely try boca. i love their veggie burgers & spicy chicken patties as well!

jodi said...

i LOVE that turkey pepperoni, i just had some last night before dinner... you can hardly tell the difference (at least i can't)... :o)

holly said...

Hey, I'm holly..just came across your blog in the last week. I'm turning 24 on sunday, so we're pretty similar in age.

I've never actually tried the Boca Ground Burger, but I have tried morningstar Ground Burger. It was pretty good, and I LOVE turkey pepperoni. I think it's spicier than regular pepperoni therefore I like it so much more.

Oh, and I saw a puppy eng. bulldog today and it was the cutest thing ever!

Living to Feel Good said...

Awwww how cute!! What you said about him, and how he cooked for you!! So sweet!!

I didn't know Bocca made the meatless crumbles too. I will have to look into them, but I have to say I really love the Morning Star crumbles. I make tacos and chili with it.

Bulldogs are so not ugly. David and I want one too, but we don't need another dog.One day! One of his friends helps run a bull dog rescue.

Melody said...

Sounds like your boyfriend's a keeper! Good post!