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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

oatmeal re-review

i reviewed "quaker weight control oatmeal" before and i believe i said something along the lines of "the maple & brown sugar tasted like dirt". well i had a extra packet in my desk and i have discovered if you add 2 splenda to the oatmeal, it tastes great. what a difference a little fake sugar makes! so don't count this oatmeal out. and oatmeal, i'm sorry for dissing you so hard. you're delicious and the fact that you have the ability to control weight, well thats amazing right there.

today is going good. i started it off with my favorite summer coffee: starbucks iced coffee with a lot of skim milk and 4 splendas. yum! not the canned iced coffee, i've never tried that. i saw 133 on the scale but im not convinced. i think i was dehydrated. oh well, we'll see tmw. we had game night at my house last night and played trivial pursuit: pop culture. usually i kick ass, but last night i was not pulling me weight. i need to practice more i think. haha.

i'm going to the gym around 11:30. hopefully no one is hogging the tv. i work out in the tiny gym at my office. there are probably 4-5 treadmills, 2 ellipticals (one has been broken for a good 2 months now), weight machines and 2 bikes. there is one tv near the treadmills and whoever gets their first picks whats on and retains control of the remote. it's not a rule but that's how it works. so hopefully i can get there in time to take control and watch ellen. she cracks me up and before i know it 30 mins has past.

not much else to say. tuesdays are boring...filled with meetings. blah. have a great day everyone!!


Anne said...

Mmmm I love oatmeal, I don't think we have the weight control kind here though.

Have a great day!

katieo said...

Get that remote! lol!

jodi said...

ha! you like your coffee like i do... my boyfriend's always like, "do you want some coffee with that cream and sugar?"... very funny but its the only way i can drink it... we have these gas/snack chains called wawa's and they have THE best iced coffee ever (you can even put flavored syrup in them too!)... to die for! :o)

Living to Feel Good said...

Not a fan of that oatmeal, but the splenda might help me like it. I think I still have a box of it in my cupboard from a year ago. Haha!!

Oh I love it when there is good TV when you are working out. Sometimes I end up working out longer, so I can finish watching whatever it is I am watching.

Ellen is fun. I want to go to a taping, so I can dance with her at the beginning. Hahahaha!! :D