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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

happy hump day!

i've been good on the diet front today, yay me. i'm going to head down to the gym around 2 so hopefully i can get this ball rolling. the scale said 135 this morning, i'll take it. and no i'm not changing my side panel...i will change it on friday :) denial, what a crazy thing. haha

that's not it, but doesn't that look yummy! zuchini with a chicken burger, yum!

last night for dinner i made trader joe's chili lime burgers (2pts) which were sauteed in EVOO (1pt), served on a whole wheat potato bun (1pt) and sauteed yellow squash (probably 1pt since i used EVOO). it was so yummy! my boyfriend loved it. then i made us no pudge fudge brownies for desert (2pts for one)! YUM! healthy and delicious dinners are such a treat. and i love cooking so that doesn't hurt either.

i need to find a running plan that i can do. i did couch potato to 5k and loved it. i need something structured like that. anyone have any they would like to share?

okay it's past two and i'm not at the gym yet. i'm gonna finish my redbull and get on it! later alligator! :)


christie said...

Kelly, thanks for your comment on my blog! I am using Photoshop CS3. Photoshop Elements is also great, though! And much cheaper! :)

There is a fantastic book out that I just bought for my mom. It is called Digi-Scrappin' 101. It takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know, with screenshots, for both PC and Mac. It includes a disc with 30-day free trial for Photoshop Elements 5.0, and 8 digital scrapbooking kits to learn with. It's clearly written and really easy to understand which is why I got it for my mom who isn't so computer-savvy.

The front of the book says Amanda Dykan but the side says Suzanne McNeill so not sure which is the real author to look up the book. The ISBN# is 1-57421-617-1. I got mine at Archiver's.

Hope this helps!


christie said...

Actually I found a link for you, here ya go!


CaRoLyN said...

Your menu sounds so great!
I've been meaning to pick up those No Pudge Brownies for the past few weeks but I am too scared that if I make them, they won't last very long and I'll end up eating the whole pan. Did you make them with a can of pumpkin?? I've heard the mix is delicious mixed with a can of pure pumpkin.
Great job on getting on the workout wagon!

kelly said...

thanks christie!

carolyn: no, i've never used pumpkin but you can make single servings in the microwave which i recommend. i made a whole batch of the brownies on tuesday night and ended up picking at them on wednesday after work. so i brought them to my boyfriends house. but yea, just make the single servings and i bet you won't over eat them. mixing up the single servings takes too much effort so if i find myself wanting to make another, i usually dont want to bother with it!

katieo said...

Kelly, I saw Stephanie over at Back in Skinny Jeans does this: treadmill climb workout. I don't think it's for running, but I didn't really look around, they might have a "structured" running workout you could get into. Dunno.
I don't think it's as thorough as couch potato but it might be worth looking into.

kelly said...

katie: i'm going to try that today at the gym. hopefully i dont fall on my face while trying to look down on the piece of paper haha!!

Maggie said...

Hiya! Found your blog searching for other folks doing Weight Watchers. Those chili lime burgers from TJ's sound delicious! Are they very spicy? I don't mind a little spice but I don't want tears running down my face, if you know what I mean :)

Amanda Dykan said...

Hi Christie! I just found the post and thought I'd clear things up. I'm Amanda Dykan, and "Digi-Scrappin' 101" is my book. Design Originals is the publishing company, owned by Suzanne McNeil. I'm glad you like the book. The second in the series will be available at Barnes & Noble in two weeks, or at my site, www.purplepaperflowers.com.

Amanda D.