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Friday, July 13, 2007

exercise review: ms. kelly's interval workout

ms. kelly's interval workout
duration: 55 minutes
level: intermediate (but can be adjusted to any level)
distance: 4.07 miles
steps: 8,000+

0:00-2:00: walk 3.5
2:00-5:00: run 5.2
5:00-7:00: walk 3.5
7:00-10:00: run 5.4
10:00-12:00: walk 3.5
12:00-15:00: run 5.6
15:00-17:00: walk 3.5
17:00-20:00: run 5.6
20:00-22:00: walk 3.5
22:00-25:00: run 5.6
25:00-27:00: walk 3.5
27:00-30:00: run 5.6
30:00-32:00: walk 3.5
32:00-35:00: run 5.6
35:00-37:00: walk 3.5
37:00-40:00: run 5.6
40:00-42:00: walk 3.5
42:00-45:00: run 5.6
45:00-55:00: walk 3.0-3.5 (gradually go down from 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, etc.)

i guess you could add additional time for warmup or cooldown but i'm on a pretty tight schedule since i workout during my lunch break. you can knock down the walking speed to a comfortable but somewhat brisk pace. the running speed can be bumped up or down, just as long as you feel like you're pushing yourself really hard but not out of breath. it has to be a pace that you can manage to do for 3 minutes, but don't necessarily feel like you could do for longer than that. does that make sense? i guess on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the fastest you can run, maybe a 7 or 8?

this kicked my ass! oh my gosh! but it felt great too! i liked the 2 minute breaks because they definitely helped me rev myself up for the 3 minute runs. and i did knock it down to 5.4 a few times because i didnt want to cramp or get too winded. you may think 5.6 is slow but i feel like i'm going fast, i have short legs remember. if that even makes a difference?

try this out and let me know what you think! cut it down to 20 or 30 minutes if you want!

i know it's not the most original program you've ever seen but i couldn't find anything so i thought i would tailor one to my fitness level! :)


Randi said...

I think this sounds great! Short legs is a completely valid excuse. plus if you keep it up, before you know it you'll be doing 6.5 for your intervals and 5.6 for your recoveries! Nice job! Plus, extra kudos for working out on lunch breaks.

mylife said...

this is totally unrelated but i bought the chili lime chicken burger from trader joes today. i can't wait to try it. thanks for suggesting it.