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Monday, May 14, 2007

national women's health week

scale: 132.5 - very nice

i can't believe the scale is being nice to me, on a monday to boot! i went to bed bath & beyond last night to look for a new one. the one i liked a lot turned out to be $99. i guess i have expensive taste. i couldn't find the scale like my grandma had so i will keep looking. why are they so expensive? i think i may look at walmart, i'm seeing good reviews online for a couple of their scales.

today has been busy at work. i got my 8-4 schedule back which makes me SO happy. i love getting out early, esp. in the summer :)

hope everyone has a great day. still up in the air on whether to hit the gym after work but i will be doing some sort of physical activity tonight! today starts: national women's health week: http://www.womanshealth.gov/WOMAN/

i'm doing it, you should too!


katieo said...

hey kelly, FYI:
We have the "phoenix" digital bodyfat scale. I went and looked it up and everywhere said it was a *talking* scale. (Ours doesn't talk, so maybe we have an older model...I don't think I would WANT it to talk to me.) I'm not sure what features you're looking for either.
anyway, we're really happy with it- but I can't remember where we got it!

walmart seems like it would have the best deal for whatever you decide, I would also check amazon. If it's over 25, usually you get free shipping.

Hello! yearlong post...can you tell we missed you!?

kelly said...

i'm definitely going to check out walmart. and i definitely need to stay away from any kind of electronic equipment that talks to me that early in the morning!! that reminds me of that commercial where the fat lady gets on the scale and it says "one at a time please" lol :)

Living to Feel Good said...

Scales ARE expensive.

Good lick on the challenge. I am doing it too! :)