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Thursday, May 17, 2007

fat day

i feel fat today. its almost TOTM and now its a waiting game. not to get into too much detail but after my last birth control goes in my mouth, im on the lookout for aunt flow. i'm also starving today which doesnt help. yuck!

can i complain more? i'm tired. haha. i stayed up too late. i can't believe melinda got voted off AI. well, actually i can. i'm rooting for jordin. melinda was a great singer but she had no personality...she was just kind of boring to me.

anyway, today is going by so slow. i've already eaten my lean cuisine and all my yummy snacks. for some reason i cannot quench this hunger! AHH!!


katieo said...

kelly- Mol an I were just talking about this yesterday. We were starving the entire day! Even right after a big good yummy meal.

I'm a Blaker girl all the way. I'll be ok if jordin wins, but I really didn't want Melinda to win. It was just hard for me to watch her.

Oh, and thanks for your funny comment on my mac n cheese post, my husband saw it and started chuckling. :)

Shelley said...

Wow, I finally found your blog...and I'm feeling pretty stupid because If I had bothered to scroll down to the bottom of your page I'd have seen the link sooner. Duh! :)

Yes, lets challenge eachother to get to 124. I love that number too! I'm very much an even number girl and my lucky number is any variation of 4, but 44 is my favorite.:)

So, lets do this together, ok? After a big yummy meal so we can get rid of this hunger, though! I've been waking up hungry every day...starving hungry. I wish it would go away!

Have a great day! Happy Friday!

Living to Feel Good said...

I was actually shocked Melinda got kicked off. I was rooting for her and Jordin, but I thought Jordin was the weakest last week, and I can't stand Blake. I am so sick of the beat box.I really wanted the girls final two. Jordin better win.

katieo said...

hey kelly, I tagged you for a meme. If you don't want to do it, that's fine. details on monday's post.
hope you had a good weekend.

Krissy said...

It's always hard to work through your menstrual cycle without going off your diet. I hope you're finally able to quench your hunger. Have you tried crystal light? I know it's only a drink but it can be rather filling to reach the 'sugar' craving you may be having. It's much healthier than soda.

Good Luck with your cravings.

kelly said...

mm i love crytal light, good idea. i need to stock up.

katie-o: mission accomplished!

shelley: 124 by august, lets do it!

sarah: i heard on the radio that they thought it would be jordin and blake, i couldnt believe it. i was shocked too.