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Thursday, May 31, 2007

afternoon delight

not that kind of afternoon delight, get your head out of the gutter!! first off, i just wanted to thank everyone for the sweet and thoughtful comments they made about my pictures. i wasn't sure what kind of reaction they would get but it has all been positive :) i am focused and ready to get skinny this summer. not nicole richie skinny or anything, not to worry.

i saw her on the simple life the other night. she was saying how no one says anything if you gain 20 lbs from being stressed but everyone says something if you lose 20 lbs from being stressed. now, i've been stressed out before, but i have never lost 20 lbs as a result. maybe that's just me.

so on to my afternoon delight! i packed my gym bag (as i mentioned before, i can now use the company gym). there are two gyms to chose from: the big one and the one in my building. of course i chose the one in my building so i could do a quick 25 mins of cardio and get back up to my desk as fast as possible. well i went around 1pm and there was NO ONE in there. (except for this guy who came in, took off his shoes, took off his employee id badge, weighed himself and then immediately left....haha....i dont know why i'm still perplexed by these actions). well i did the elliptical for 25 mins :) yay!

i loved being able to get away from my desk, being able to get some mid-day energy and did i mention get away from my desk?

my old gym is about 15 miles down the road and i have to pay a toll to get there. after working all day, that is often the last place i want to be. hopefully having the gym 2 floors down will motivate me to go more than twice a week. :)

and finally...the scale was nice to me this morning. 133.6. i will take it!


jodi said...

yea, i've never been the type to lose my appetite either but have known many friends that have... i WISH i could lose weight while stressed but no luck, i like eating too much... ;o)

its great that you have a gym in your building - if it wasn't for mine, i certainly wouldn't have made the progress i have... that one hour a day is worth every, single penny... :o)

katieo said...

I'm sure we'll be drawing some inspiration from you as you seem totally driven for the June 30th thing. I think Molly's going to try for it too.
Exercise is hard enough to go do, that's great that your "gym" is now that much closer!

Living to Feel Good said...

I'm with jodi...i like eating to much too. I don't think I've ever lost weight with stress.

How awesome it is that you have your gym right below you. Now you really don't have any excuses right?

I want to get skinny for the summer too. I weigh a little more than you, but I plan to be at goal before I go on vacation in 10 weeks. I can totally do it, and so can you.

Do you feel focused right now? I do. I feel really good which is nice.
Anyway I'm cheering you on!