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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

happy tuesday!

sorry i wasn't able to post yesterday...i was so busy! i'm getting a promotion and i had to have an "interview" with the HR department. it went smoothly. more moola here i come!! $$.

the good thing is, i can stop paying for the gym. right now i belong to gold's gym. it's a nice facility but sometimes i feel bad paying so much. it's definitely a motivator to actually go there but at the same time "why can't i just run outside?". well once i get promoted, i will go from a consultant to a full time employee. which means...i get to use the gym that is on the first floor! ideally i would love to use it before work but even after work would be fine. theres a women's locker room and everything. from what i could see from peering in the window, there are a couple of elliptical machines, treadmills and crosstrainers and of course a lot of weight machines. its a good size gym and i'm so excited for that! right now i have to pay a toll to go to my gym everyday after work. those $1s add up!! hehe

i've been good so far this week on the diet front! i weighed 133.5 this morning. last night at the gym i weighed 131. my bf says i need to stop obsessing about the scale. i think my clothes look better and i am definitely seeing more definition in my legs. i just have a scale addiction i guess!

hope everyone is doing well! back to work i go :)

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molly-skinnyhips2be said...

Curious - I belong to Golds and pay $16 a month. I realize that you will get it for free now BUT if I were to move and go to another Golds, they would have to honor what I have already paid for. So, if anyone is paying alot more, consider this! Join at another Golds...I wonder if that would work?