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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

lean pockets & leg muscles

happy tuesday everyone! just got back from the dentist. they said i may need to have a root canal this summer but to check back if i'm still in pain. i was having a tooth ache but she couldn't figure out why. if it still hurts or gets worse, root canal here i come :( oh well, at least i got the teeth cleaning portion out of the way. let me tell you, that electric scraper she used, that was horrible. my mouth was fine when i left but now my teeth are tender and sore. i guess that will keep me from mindlessly snacking.

anyway, i made a discovery last night in the frozen food section. lean pockets egg, cheese & ham. YUM! and only 3 points. i will definitely be picking those up. i got the 4 pack for $2.50. not bad for portable egg & cheese! i did come to find out that my beloved four cheese pizza lean cuisines are 6 points. all this time, i thought they were 4. so i am officially switching to the

whole grain supreme pizza....only 4 points!

weight watchers points for lean pockets

going for a walk today after work my sister. yay for a walking buddy. she never used to exercise but now she wants to be more active. she's blessed with naturally long legs & skinny limbs...bitch. jk!!

i, on the other hand, have started to love my new muscles in my thighs. i love how strong they feel and how firm they've become from running :)

okay enough about me...

1 comment:

Anne said...

Booo We don't have those in Canada :(