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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

fabulously focused

weight: 133.5!

i'm so focused this week. where is it coming from? i think it's the beautiful weather :)

i went for a walk last night with my sister. tonight i'm going back to the gym and doing weights & cardio. i might only do 25-30 minutes of cardio bc i might take another walk with my sis tonight when she gets home from work. we're trying to go for a walk every week night.

thanks to jodi for this tip: it's $0.31 ice cream scoop night at baskin robbins from 5-10pm! my favorite is rainbow sherbert and for a 4oz scoop its 3.5 points! yay :) i might have to stop by before american idol. i think chris and phil are leaving tonight, who knows though! my money is on jordin.


katieo said...

133.5? THat's so great!
btw, I'm totally telling my sister about the lean pockets. she's a weight watchers girl but is really busy loves anything she can just grab and go.

my fav last night was Blake. :)

kelly said...

i thought he did a good job, he's so original. i actually really liked laquisha and melinda. they haven't really been "doing it for me" lately but i felt like they did a good job at singin bon jovi. (which i think was a HORRIBLE and UNFAIR category, might i add!)