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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

lady in red

my face looks weird in the 2nd one (couple too many corona lights?) so here are two pics! i should have gotten a standing up shot of it but i forgot. anyway it's such a pretty dress and i got a lot of compliments. i got it at new york & company. i've never shopped there before but i'm glad i did. it comes in black and patterns as well. i like how i can kind of see my thigh muscle in the second shot.

my bf and i are setting goals, it was his idea. i want to lose 6 lbs by june 30 and so does he. we have a wedding to go to. i weighed 136 this am but that's after a memorial day of being bad. so i will weigh in again wednesday and try to knock 6 lbs off that number.

hope you all are having a great week. i'm in training at work all day again tmw.....so boring. ta ta!


katieo said...

You are the CUTEST! ...and nothing at all what I though you looked like. Maybe it had something to do with seeing that Audrey Hepburn shot over and over again...
(by the way, I don't usually shop at NY & CO. either but have found some random things there that I love)

molly-skinnyhips2be said...

Kelly - you look great in the picture! I see your thigh muscle!!! 6 lbs by the end of June - I'll do it with you!

Shelley said...

No way! So good to see the pictures. You look great! Look how cute you are!!! I thought maybe you were blonde...figured you were cute! :) Love the pix, you look great, Kelly, keep it up. Let's get to 124. :)We can definitely get there by August!

jodi said...

the dress looks great on you - what an awesome color... i think its great that you and your BF are setting goals together - i need to work on mine! ;O)