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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another good day

two great days of eating in a row. i need to get better about journaling. while i'm sure you do not care about all the peanut butter i ate today, i am going to write it down here so that i don't have to write it out by hand. because ever since high school, it hasn't felt very natural to write for long periods of time. haha :)

light english muffin - 2
1 tbs natural skippy - 2
(p.s. this is such a yummy, filling, and healthy breakfast that i am loving lately)

1/2 chicken breast - 2
whole grain rice - 3

kashi oatmeal - 2.5
peanut butter scoop added to oatmeal (really who does that?) - 1
(i'm addicted to pb...i don't know why i buy it)

pre-dinner snack
brocoli with lots of butter spray - 0.5
1/2 mix of single serving no pudge fudge brownie - 1

= 14 points
- burned 500 calories at the gym - 5 APs?

out for sushi with my boyfriend but only getting:
california roll - 3
veggie roll - 3
maybe a glass of red wine - 2
= 17-18ish points

if i can stick to that i will be golden. and if i have an extra glass of wine, i should be right at 20.

my best friend is having her engagement party this weekend. i have already tested out my new dress & i have gotten some killer reviews. so i'm excited. maybe i will post a picture and show you all that i'm not some creep that eats too much peanut butter. haha :)

alright...the sushi queen is off for her weekly feeding
have a good one!


katieo said...

kelly. You cannot have possibly beaten me on the Peanut Butter consumption.

My absolute fav PB snack (besides straight off the spoon of course) is spread on whole wheat bread with banana sliced on top drizzled with choco syrup or honey...mmmm

Yay for a new dress! You must post pictures. Molly and I are still too chicken to post any...

Living to Feel Good said...

Awww I can't wait to see what you look like! I went through a PB phase. I ate it every day for awhile, now it's avocado for me. :)

Do you toast your english muffin with the PB? I personally think that's the best!!!

Salma Gundi said...

Oh, please post a pic! that would be awesome.

I am still on a cottage cheese kick. I'm scared of the thought of giving myself a spoon and a jar of peanut butter.