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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

think like a thin person

hey all

so in between commercials for america's next top model i thought i would post really quick. i went to the gym today after work and did 46 mins of cardio and weights :) yay! i need to start incorporating more strength training into my workouts.

i was reading O magazine and read about the beck diet solution. it looks at dieting in more of a psychological way. learning how to cope with hunger, etc. the creator of the diet challenges the lady who wrote the article to go from after to breakfast until dinner without eating....for one day. umm...what? but the goal was to teach her how to "not fear hunger" and learn that it will eventually subside. she said that people are so scared of being hungry or famished that they try to feed that feeling. if they learn what "hunger" really feels like they will know how to differentiate between real hunger and cravings. anyway, i will not be starving myself but i see where she's going with this. maybe after munching after dinner, you can focus in on that feeling and move forward.

anyway! check out the article: think like a thin person, o magazine

scale at the gym: 132.5

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