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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

june 1st

hey guys!!

so today was boring, i had my last day of training. they gave us all a gym bag with the company logo on the side. are they trying to tell me something? the good news is i can now use the gym in my building which has a treadmill, elliptical, weights, etc. they also have all kinds of classes during the day that you can take in place of lunch: spinning, boot camp, hip hop dancing. i need to get on that and use this stuff. it's free, i have no excuse. a girl i work with wants to do the bootcamp so i will let you know how that goes.

i feel like i've just been kind of going through the motions with this ww and diet thing lately. i'm at a steady 134 (yes i will change that side panel). the 130 i saw last week must have been from dehydration or it was a fluke. who knows? anyway, june 1st is my day. i am going to go hard until june 30 when i attend that wedding. wish me luck :)

hope you are all doing well. i tried the uncrustables grilled cheese. i liked it, it even smelled like grilled cheese. you know what i'm talking about. ta ta :)


katieo said...

yay for the free gym! Those classes sound fun. I've never done the bootcamp one, I'm curious how you like it!

Living to Feel Good said...

OMG You ARE SMOKIN'!! Seriously girl you are hot!! Love the dress!!! I don't think you need luck because I know you will do it!!
Also sorry for the delay..I got my necklace at Hot Topic. Disney had the same necklace in their "couture" line for 80 bucks, but when I did a search on the internet for pirate necklaces Hot Topic came up and they had the necklace for 14 bucks. I'm thinking the disney one is probably silver hence the more expensive price. Any way I liked it.

I'm so excited you shared a picture of you!! Now I feel like I know you better. :D You look AWESOME!

Kim said...

You are freakin' adorable!! Best of luck to you for meeting you goal for the wedding. But by the sounds of it you are going to exceed it!! :)

kelly said...

wow! i may have to post pictures more often, you guys are too sweet!! :)