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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


have you ever had motivation, out of nowhere? all day at work i told myself i wasn't going to go to the gym, i was just going to go straight home from work. but as i was leaving i found myself driving towards the gym instead of home. part of my brain was trying to talk me out of it. but somewhere there was an inner voice telling me "just go. no one has ever left the gym regretting they went. you will feel better if you do 30 minutes of cardio" and i did. 30 minutes and it flew by! yay :)

off to get some sushi with my handsome man. i am the sushi queen after all :) goodnight!

1 comment:

katieo said...

that "motivation out of nowhere" sounds a lot like a "really good habit." :) I've TOTALLY been there...except at 5:30 am.

do I go? sometimes I say nah, i don't feel like it- at the same time I'm tying my shoelaces or filling up my water. routine can be a wonderful thing!