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Friday, June 01, 2007

who starts a diet on a friday?

me, that's who. looks like my master plan of losing 6 lbs by june 30th has already hit a speed bump. i did not realize that june 1st was on a friday. funny how that works. usually my fridays include: no exercise, happy hour, and some sort of mega-point food item. why do i do this to myself? i'm a smart girl...er, woman...i can see the pattern of losing weight during the week, only to regain it on the weekend.

maybe it's because by the time friday comes, i feel like i am owed something. usually this comes in the form of a margarita at happy hour with my friends, followed by a few light beers. but what am i doing that is so exhausting, so tiring, that i would excuse drinking a 300 calorie drink after a week of being a good dieter? hmm. i sit in a desk all day, i exercise 2-3 times a week. okay usually 2. i should be staying focused on the weekends! instead of 2 cheat days, maybe only a half day of being bad.

so that's the plan, folks. i am going to hit the gym today after work. i will not be going to happy hour. i will eat a low point pizza: i'm thinking AC la rocca

it's yummy and only 12 points for the whole thing. and it ain't small people. i can split it with my sister and not feel guilty!

coincidentally this is my 133rd post, and i weighed in at 133 this morning. i'm not into numerology, i just think that's cool. or should i take it as a sign? i have bounced between 132-134 for the past 3 months. i keep writing the same number in these blogs. so actually, i am not losing any weight, just maintaining a weight i do not want to be at. moment of clarity.

so this weekend i am focused. even maggianos will not be able to defeat me tommorow night. i will lose weight on a weekend, it must be done.

alright, if you're still reading, i apologize for trying to get all deep about my weight. its just frustrating because i sabotage myself every single weekend and i need to figure out why!!

1 comment:

Living to Feel Good said...

Go for it!! I mean don't splurge this one weekend, start your challenge and see if you can run with it until next friday when you can go to happy hour. I was thinking about going to the gym today after work too only because I feel so focused. I will talk about that tonight. I usually don't do anything but eat and watch a movie with the husband on friday nights. BUT I amthinking of going to the gym then eating, then watching a movie.

Okay the vitamin I use is the One a Day Womens. It says 2 times more calcium than centrum. It has an orange label. They are kinda big, so if you can't swallow them maybe you could cut in half? Anyway still no cravings, and I'm on my period!! AMAZING! :)

Have a good weekend!! :D