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Friday, January 18, 2008

it's the weekend baby!

cramps & bloating are not good for dieting but thankfully i've fended off cravings. i just had some chocolate quaker mini delights 90 calorie pack, yum. i love those things. and i have a fat free pudding for this afternoon in case my chocolate cravings :)

getting to the gym today - so i will make my goal of 3x this week! next week it will be 4x - so that should be good. scale is holding steady - even during TOTM. i really think giving up wine/drinking has been such a help (obviously).

we saw juno last night - so cute & funny! go see it now!

don't have big plans for the weekend. i want to do some clothes/shoe shopping. and hit up tarjay (target).

have a wonderful weekend!

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