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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

just keep swimming....just keep swimming

remember when dory says that line in the movie finding nemo? just keep swimming...just keep swimming. i feel like that sometimes with this whole diet/exercise thing. that little voice that just tells me to just keep eating right, getting to the gym and avoiding temptations. it's hard but it's nice to be back in the zone. i'm down a lb today....so that's always a good feeling to step on the scale and see a lower number than you expected :)

biggest loser couples was great! no one lost hardly any weight though which makes it more real to me for some reason. you don't always get on the scale and see 5-10 lb losses, it's not realistic. maybe if you're severly overweight but you know what i mean. i can't believe bette-sue fell off the treadmill, ouch! i can't lie, i did laugh, it reminded me of the video on anne's page. haha

i bought some rice quakes, apple slices, a fiber one bar and 100 calorie pack of cupcakes for snacks. i doubt i'll eat it all. lunch is at subway and tonight i might do a chicken breast/veggies/one serving of risotto. we have a delicious organic risotto at my grocery store that is 3pts a serving, so creamy and delish.

have a great hump day!!


CaRoLyN said...

I totally laughed too. Oops.

I jumped on the scale today and it said up 0.5 lb!! WHAT?!?! I'm not getting on the scale again until Jan 18. The fluctuations kill me!

katieo said...

lol, As soon as Bette-sue fell, didn't it seem like an eternity before anyone actually got up there and stopped the thing?

Anne said...

Ha! I thought of the video too! Katieo, it did seem like she was face down on the treadmil forever, good for her for getting back on though :)

b said...

The treadmill is a scary machine - it took me weeks of regular walks before I had the nerve to try jogging on it. Even then, I hold the handlebars for dear life. But I love Bette-sue - she is such a firecracker!

Shannon said...

i just watched the biggest loser last night, i taped it to avoid those commercials. I couldn't believe the weigh in's. usually they are putting up huge #'s. i am so happy yellow didn't go home, I really like them. oh and i really dislike neil.