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Sunday, January 06, 2008

OP weekend!

wow....i am surprised at myself this weekend. i've never NOT used flex points. usually my weekends are FULL of flex points. but i have to say this weekend, i've been right on point. i like this feeling.

did you all see the biggest loser couples first episode? all the contestants use nalgenes - which are plastic re-usable water bottles. well this season they are getting rid of water bottles and using nalgenes. i was telling D about it and he bought me one!

it's a pretty blue with a narrow top to drink out of. i've already drank 2 today! i love it and it was so cute how D listens to the little things i say :)

ready for an OP week and ready to get my gym time in. i'm aiming for 3x this week. start off slow and then do 4x next week maybe. the scale has dropped off 3lbs of water weight, thankfully...i was starting to worry for a while there.

hope you all had a nice weekend, later taters :)


Anne said...

Congrats on such an awesome weekend! I also have a Nalgene bottle, but haven't used it in a while, then I read that they have been pulled off the shelves at all the MEC stores in Canada, MEC is the same as REI in the U.S.
Here's the article if you are interested.

KL said...

I have a great bottle made by camelback that I love!

I've been gone for forever. Hope you've been doing great!

katieo said...

Those look awesome. I saw them on Oprah (they're very green!)
ANyway, that's so cool D got you one!