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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

yoga on demand

i don't know if you guys have on-demand stations through your cable company but we do. i recently found the health and fitness on demand station. apparently there is a channel called exercise tv that i had no idea existed. wow. anyway! the on demand is FULL of workouts: yoga, cardio, strength training...even the carmen electra strip tease workout is on there! probably 50+ different workouts that change monthly.

well tonight i did two 20 minute yoga sessions and one "run 1 mile" sessions. the yoga was great, i loved it. i want to keep doing it. the run in place thing was kind of weird but it wasn't just running in place, it was kicking, jumping, moving side to side and doing a modified new kids on the block hanging-tough move....it was not easy and i was panting at the end! i felt kind of silly bopping around in my room but who cares! it was a nice workout and i was sweating at the end!

it's nice to get in these workouts outside of the gym...keeps things fresh and interesting and my legs dont hurt as bad since i've stretched them out. success :)

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