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Sunday, January 27, 2008

great weekend

hi everyone :)

so, got my shopping cardio in this weekend. you ladies thought i was kidding. i wish i was. my mom is a power shopper. we shopped for 5 hours on saturday and 6 hours today. we grabbed snacks on the way but were definitely moving. did anyone go to old navy this weekend? they had a RIDICULOUS and i mean RIDICULOUS sale. i got 2 dresses, a jacket, pair of work pants, pashmina scarf, 2 sweaters, jewelry, shirts and so much other stuff and probably spent around $150 - it was a steal. i guess the sale was just this weekend and we definitely took advantage of it. it was great! we had a lot of fun.

we stopped at 7-11 to get sodas and i saw that they had individually wrapped weight watchers muffins & chocolate & lemon cakes. i got the ww blueberry muffin which i've never tried before (3 points) and it was so yummy. big, moist and didn't taste diet-muffiny at all. soo good. it's nice to see that places like 7-11 have jumped on the diet/ww bandwagon. finally.

D knows how much i love my 100 calorie cupcakes and when i told him about the 100 calorie streussel muffins he was on the hunt. he found them for me today!! he is so sweet. he said he could only find the banana (1.5 points) & the blueberry (1.5 points) so i will continue my search for the cinnamon. i tried the banana - pretty damn good! nice and sweet with a crumbly top. i'm a fan. i bet the blueberry will be yummy.

the scale said 136.4 this morning. i saw 136 last week but then stayed in the 137s so we'll see what it says tmw. so far i'm averaging about a pound a week. which i know is normal and i'm happy it's moving downward!

alright...off to enjoy the rest of my sunday night!
ta ta!

1 comment:

Mamacita Chilena said...

A downward trend is what it's all about! I'm RIGHT at almost the exact same weight with you now. I weigh myself in on Tuesdays though, so we'll see.

Very sweet of the man to search for your muffins...awww, that's true love :)