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Monday, January 28, 2008

i hate math but i love these graphs

it's monday!! and i am feeling great. the scale said 135.6 this morning. i will take it! even if it disappears for a little while...it will come back. that's what i've noticed this month with water weight and fluctuations. if i see the number at one point in the week, i have ended up seeing it stick around by the end of the week or the following week.

i plugged that into my google 15 tracker this morning (get yours here) and look at the graph!

pretty nifty, huh? the numbers at the bottom are the moving average weight changing~ not the actual weight plus/minuses. it took me a while to figure that out. the moving average is a different number. as long as the blue dot stays below the yellow line you're on your way to your goal weight. i love it. it lets me know what i weigh at this time last week which is a great way to keep the whole weight fluctuation thing in perspective.

onward and upward!! i mean...downward. :)

have a great day! going to try to get to the gym later despite having on a really cute outfit & hair do. like i said, not an excuse!


katieo said...

ok, that graph is really cool. It's a great way, like you said, to keep things in perspective.

Mamacita Chilena said...

Thank you SO much for posting a link to that Google tracker thing. That's ridiculously cool. I think tracking my average might be a smarter way to go since I seem to fluctuate quite a bit during the week depending on water weight, that time of the month, salty foods, etc. You know how it is...