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Thursday, January 17, 2008

snowy day!

it's snowing! we got off work around noon and i have to work from home the rest of the day. the plan is to get a workout dvd in and some arm weights so i will do that after i finish up my work.

not sure if anyone is interested in this but there is a site that offers you a free senseo coffee machine (click) - its the single serving coffee makers. you get the machine, coffee and other stuff, the catch is you have to pay the $15 S&H. i paid mine and i'll let you know if it actually comes. i read on fatwallet.com that it's not a scam, several people received theirs. so i'm looking forward to it! :) and if it IS a scam, oh well i'm out $15 i guess!

scale is going down down down...even if it's almost TOTM. nice. my pants feel a lot looser too. love this feeling!

alright...back to work!


Shannon said...

i love that feeling too. it is so good. it is snowing here so bad too, like it hasn't stopped since I got here and I am scared to drive home.

Randi said...

Nice! Snow day! Good for you for planning exercise for it!
Definately keep us in know on the coffee maker.