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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

back to the gym...finally

good morning! :)

diet is going really well, exercising is picking back up, feeling good! i went to the gym yesterday and rocked out on the elliptical. it felt good! i'm going back today. i feel motivated now that i feel like i have the food part under control again. the scale is being nice to me, the pants are fitting looser than they have in a LONG time. so i'm motivated, and it feels great!

can't wait for BL tonight, i seriously love that show. it motivates me to get buff. my sister and i are suppossed to sign up for a boot camp as soon as she gets home from her business trip, so hopefully she won't back out on me. TOTM is around the corner, i'm going to try to not give in to any crazy cravings i may have.

alright, i'm boring today. just wanted to check in. ta-ta!!


Anonymous said...

I love BL too. It is sooo good. Can't wait for tonight. I am sure they will see HUGE loses this week. YAY.

Mamacita Chilena said...

I am such a BL fan too! Unfortunately they don't show it where I live (Chile) but I always find episodes on Youtube to watch :)

Way to go on the whole pants fitting looser! Bet that feels amazing!

Anne said...

Yeah for going to the gym :)
I can't wait for BL tonight as well. I think I may watch it while I'm on the treadmill.