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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


that dvd from monday: kicked. my. butt! ouch. i feel like someone cut up my leg muscles. i guess that means the muscles are growing but DAMN. OWWW!! anyone read harry potter? when the kids get injured, they can magically regrow bones. i'm thinking it feels something like this. haha.

anyways....happy hump day! enough with my debbie downer attitude. this morning has flown by. scale is sticking at 136.2 which is fine. i was 137 this time last week so i'll take it! and my google tracker is of course keeping me focused!

BL was great last night! i loved seeing bob & jillian compete and brittany kicked butt on the escalator!! i felt bad for her when she cried about bob not picking her & then only losing 2 lbs. that's gotta hurt. esp since last week she lost like 1 pound since they tried to throw the weigh-in. i really could watch that show every night if it were on, its so motivating! i did arm weights for about 10 mins during the show and i feel the burn today. it feels good. not like my legs burn, like a good burn.

alright...back to work! trying to get to the gym today if my bum legs can handle it. i may just walk on the treadmill or try the elliptical. have a great day!


Shelley said...

Hey Kelly! Thanks for the nice comment! My mom always said "Kill 'em with kindness!" :)
Glad you have a good burn going on! Thats a great feeling!
Take care!

katieo said...

I know exactly. how. you feel.

(The bad thing is when I'm sore I tend to eat more. It's weird. Maybe a food-pain reflux. I'm not sure, lol)

Missing BL, but I think my husband doesn't want to admit he loves AI.

Dee said...

I'm pretty sure I'm whacked, but watching BL last night made me want to drink soda!! Also, when I watched Supersize Me, all I could think about was getting my hands on a big mac!