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Thursday, January 24, 2008


you know when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you're NOT sucking in and you think....wow....look at me! that's how i felt this morning as i did my shimy dance to put on my tights. i have a really cute little jumper dress on, hair loosely curled, feeling pretty sexay. haha :) the title of today's blog, let me explain: i love that commercial where the guy is going to mcdonalds and is buying his coworkers snack wrapp. i hear it on the radio all the time. he says he's going to get someone a bbq snack wrap because they're zeist-ay. and he's going to get someone a honey mustard snack wrap because they're a-tang-ay and he's getting someone another because they are sauc-ay. he then says he's getting someone al three because they're zeistay-a-tangy-aucy! hahaha...i know, i'm a nerd but that makes me laugh each time he says it. anyone seen it? anyone? no? the cheese stands alone.

ANYWAY! going to go against the voice in my head that doesn't want to mess up my hair and get to the gym today. i have no excuse besides the cute hair do and as i've said in the past, if that's the only thing i can come up with, it's not good enough.

i had banana/bran muffin today for breakfast with some oatmeal (around 8am) and i am still full (it's 11am)....i love those muffins!! thanks again carolyn for passing that on to me :)

does anyone watch project runway? of course, me, the queen of all that is reality television does. it was good last night - kind of glad to see victorya go. she just wasn't a fav of mine. i think my favorites are christian, sweet pea & jillian. anyone else watch?? if you don't - you should. re-runs are on bravo constantly.

alright...back to work....


CaRoLyN said...

I always try to catch those shows but we only have one TV (yes, ONE!) in our house so Scott always wines about me watching "girly shows" I love it when he works late (besides the fact that I miss him) because get to watch all of my "girly" shows. Food Network, MTV (Love basically every reality show on MTV), Project runway and ANTM.

I had 2 muffins today. They are so filling and yummy! Great for when you are on the go and need a snack.

Good for for getting to the gym! I've used hair as an excuse before and then felt awful afterwards!

jeannie* said...

a) That commercial cracks me up as well
b) I too don't want to go to the gym today because I'm having a good hair day. But I suppose I should follow your advice and suck it up and mess up the cute hair. Hmph.
c) I have Project Runway DVRed and will watch tonight! YAY!

Mamacita Chilena said...

I am DYING to watch Project Runway, but I live in Chile and they are only showing old seasons so far, which is no fun because I already know what happens and who is going home. Now you have me craving to watch it! Oh well, better a television craving than a food craving, right?

alice said...

i am ADDICTED to project runway! it also gives me a reason to get on the elliptical every wednesday night at 10pm!

yesss, i am SO GLAD to see victorya go too. she was a total bitch. did you notice she rolled her eyes in every other shot of her? she had that "holier than thou" attitude that just pissed me off so much. plus she wasn't that great of a designer. the reason she won that prom dress challenge was b/c hers was the "youngest" looking dress but it was so dull and unoriginal.

christian is very talented but he's still very immature and needs to learn to check his ego. but he is hilarious though. rami (sp?) is also very creative and is a genius with all the draping he does. and i adore jillian and sweet pea b/c they're actually nice. and chris just cracks me up all the time. he's like a big fred flinstone, with his animal print shirts. i feel like out of all of them, chris would be the one i'd be friend with. lol.

sorry for that LONG comment. i can talk forever about Project Runway!

Roni said...

YES! It cracks me up every time! LMAO