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Monday, January 28, 2008

jiggly legs

i did it! i actually did a workout dvd at home. it's been a while and i definitely will be feeling this tmw. my legs were all jiggly when i was finished. i took a 20 min walk to pick up my prescription so that was good too. something i read on sister skinny today was that katie's friend jeanne said to try to be active every single day. that really hit home for me. just moving around, getting up at the office and going for a walk. i need to start more of that. it's either the gym or nothing sometimes and i need to get out of that habit!

tonight i will doing a little spring cleaning...well winter cleaning...on my closet and donating things i haven't worn in the past year to salvation army. there is just too much stuff in there and i need to make room for all the clothes i do wear. i'm officially out of hangers. so that will be good.

have a great night everyone :) stay active!!


Mary said...

Good job! Staying active every day, even if for a brief period will lead to a healthy life and weight loss. Keep it up!

Lex.D said...

Staying active is something I need to remember also. Sitting on my gluteus maximus all day at work takes a toll on my untoned body. going for brief walks & up the stairs once in a while will definitely do wonders for me.
Yay to the workout video. I'm doing Windsor Pilates right now which isn't too shabby.

katieo said...

Jeanne's smart like that :)

I needed that too. Sometimes in the winter it's harder to just get up and move but it goes a long way with the january "blahs."

Mamacita Chilena said...

getting junk out of the closet always helps me feel so much better and more organized in my life. I should probably do a big sort sometime soon too.

I try to be active almost every day even for only short walks. It's not too hard now that I livein a nice neighborhood and it's summertime. but I can imagine how hard it will be in winter to get myself out the door!

Swizzlepop said...

I've never tried any of hte FIrm DVDs. Would you recoomed this one or any of them?