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Thursday, February 08, 2007

birthday eve!

well my 24th birthday (AHH!!) is 30 mins away. i had a really nice night with my bf and sister. bf is currently napping on the couch haha. it involved king crab sushi, jumbo lump crab meat sushi and shrimp. yum! it was probably 5-6 points i think.

went to the gym today. i REALLY didnt want to go but i told myself i could walk for 30 mins instead of running. well the run started off pretty rough. i went 7 mins and then had to walk, i just had no energy and my body kind of ached from the run on monday (i didn't realize how much it worked my muscles!). walked then ran and so on...i ran a total of 17 mins and walked 18. not bad, but i really want to do day one of week 7 soon.

tmw is free day, but im going to try and be good. having eggbeaters and/or toast for breakfast. haircut at 1:30. mall to find something to wear for going out. shower/get ready. dinner at benihana's and then out on the town with my friends! i can't wait for benihana's, so yummy :)

alright....time for bed, i have a long (birth)day ahead of me!

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